Monday, May 19, 2008

There is a difference

Between Showtunes and Soundtracks

There most definitely is!


Anonymous said...

Actually, it's probably clearer to say that there's a difference between an original cast recording and a soundtrack. Nothing's more unforgivable than a fellow gay saying, "I just love the soundtrack to [insert Broadway show here]" when you know for a fact that they're referring to a stage production.

Who listens to soundtracks anyway? Just straight guys who are Star Wars geeks, most likely.

Ms Mac said...

I listen to soundtracks. One of my favourites is the My Girl soundtrack. And I must have listened to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and bazillion times in my teens. And of course, the Grease soundtrack. Which is a soundtrack and not showtunes, although some of the songs could be classified as showtunes. Couldn't they?

Oh I'm all confused now.

I'm going to rip my My Girl soundtrack into iTunes right now and listen to it all day.