Friday, June 27, 2008

Examine it

A few weeks back I found someone's debit card and posted about deactivating it. Someone found my blog because they were googling a friend and I guess they liked what they read because I've been asked to be the Gay Examiner for all I can say is I hope I'm gay enough.

It's not a "full time paying" gig per se, but I do have the opportunity to make some money from it if I can drive traffic there. So I'm going to be posting here and there and I hope that you'll visit both of my places, it's sort of like having a Main House and a Guest House, so you'll need to stop by and see the new decor.

My first post is up and running and you can check it out here.

The Examiner

Please feel free to make up flyers for me and distribute around your neighborhood telling people they should go to my Examiner page.

Oh yeah and if you want to, you can sign up to receive my posts from over there! Just click on the green bar under my photo (oh, which btw was taken by our own Andi-Licious)


The Big Finn said...

If it's worth anything...

I think you do gay proud. Although, we've been watching Project Runway lately, and you're definitely not THAT gay!

Michael said...

Thanks TBF, that makes me feel better : -)

mr_g said...

Hey, that's way cool...congrats on being "published"! I've always dreamed I'd have enough people wanting to hear what I had to say that they'd pay me to write or at least put my picture up and promote me or something. Sadly, the folks at don't have their site up...but when they do, look out!

Karen said...

Hey cool! Congrats to you!