Monday, June 16, 2008

Poor Puppy

When the rest of us in the US is battling rising prices on everything - food, basic services and gas (I just put $50 worth of gas in my car and I drive a Ford Focus) you'll be glad to know that even the rich are facing their own troubles.

Remember Leona Helmsley - no, not Sherman Hemsley, Leona was the "Queen of Mean"

Well the old bag died a while back and continuing on with her spitefulness, she bequeathed a large chunk of her estate ($12,000,000) to her dog - Trouble.

Now granted, we all want to make sure that our pets are taken care of after we depart this planet, but $12MM for a dog? That seems like a lot to me.

Well just recently a Judge has reduced the Trust Fund for this poor little puppy and moved $10MM of the assets over the the Helmsley Chartiable Foundatin, leaving a measly $2,000,000 for the poor hound to survive on.

I guess he's gonna have to start eating Puppy Chow instead of Filet Mignon - I feel bad for the little bugger - don't you?

Moreso, I bet that Leona is spinning in her grave right now as all of the glorious money has been diverted from a dog to perhaps helping humanity - and more than likely helping "the little people" that pay taxes!

Spin Leona Spin!!!


The Big Finn said...

I'd bet that the inside of her coffin is totally smeared with lipstick right about now.

Hopefully King will take a dirt nap before I do so that the world doesn't have a repeat of this fiasco...not that we have $12 million to leave him. So don't get any ideas, King!

Pete said...


David said...

puppy chow helps a dog live a longer, happier life