Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A recent text message conversation

Who says you can't carry on a conversation via Text Message, all of the kids are doing it and so can I. Just this past Saturday night Andrea and I did exactly that.

ME, To Twitter: The Pink Panther Theme is playing on the Jukebox at the bar. This is the second time I’ve heard this song today. (The thing so funny about that is earlier in the day, my random iPod played the exact same song)

ME, To Twitter: OMG I’m out having cocktails and the Spelling Bee is on the big screen in a gay bar. Oh God, I should just go home. (Earlier I had posted saying that I couldn't believe I was home watching the Spelling Bee, and now here I was at a bar doing the same thing)

ME, To Andrea: We’re talking about you

ANDREA: And who is “we”?

ME: The Roommate said you would say that.

HER: He knows me so well.

ME: Do you like Champagne for breakie?

HER: Who doesn’t?

ME: Just Checking

ME: OMG there is some drunk guy trying to pick me up.

HER: Take a pic

ME: On no, that’s just tacky. LOL I’ll just say “here hold still for a second while I snap a quick pic.” OMG he just tried to swipe The Roommates money! (Here's the low down on this. The Roommate got up to go to the Bathroom, he conveniently stacked his money, cigarettes and cellphone on top of each other. When Drunk Patron came up he took over the space vacated by The Roommate, when I wouldn't join in on his witty banter he started picking up the cellphone, at which point I said "Oh that's The Roommates, let me get that out of your way" he then proceeds to say "Oh, yeah, ok, but that's my money." At which point I say "Oh you mean the money that was sitting underneath that pack of cigarettes and cellphone that you were just fondling" I then ignored him and awaited my next text message)

HER: Where are you?

ME: At a skanky bar with The Roommate, he takes me to the classiest places

HER: Well, it’s the friends that make it classy. You gonna take me?

ME: Oh Thank God, he’s talking to The Roommate. Too bad, he is lame and can’t fight him off. This is way better than the Spelling Bee.

HER: OMG, too funny. Poor Roommate

ME: I just saved The Roommate from a horrible trick. That was silly of me to do, I should have let him do it.

HER: Well the trick could have nursed him back to health quicker AND walked The Dog. (oh, you didn't know that The Roommate broke his foot and I'd been walking the dog - well dragging the dog is more like it since he doesn't like to go for walks with me)

ME: Oh The Roommate is walking The Dog so I don’t care about that.

ME: Fuck, now The Roommate went to the bathroom and now he’s turned his attention to me.

HER: Talk in a really pretentious English accent. Make it fun!

ME: He’s asked me if I have a boyfriend like 20 times, I say no each time but he keeps forgetting so finally I said yes and he left me alone.

HER: Oh. Better luck next time.

ME: We are off to another bar now!

HER: Hotter men?

ME: I don’t care now, whoever says yes first wins


Unfortunately for me, no one said Yes that evening! Oh well, at least I had a good nights sleep.


Pete said...

if i were there, i would have said "HELL TO THE YES"

The Big Finn said...

Being single is a lot of work!!! I just watched "Millionaire Matchmaker" for the first time last night. God I'm glad I'm married!

Anonymous said...

Lots came through the text dialogue. Life on the Bar Crawl.

Ice John's World said...

That's quite a long conversation using text message. Didn't you feel sore on the fingers after that conversation? :)

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