Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gas vs. Printer Ink

My roommate sends me the funniest emails. This is an oldie but a goodie and it makes a whole lot more sense now with gas in the range of $4.50 a gallon in the Chicagoland here goes it.....

The price of Gas versus Printer Ink

All these examples do NOT imply that gasoline is cheap; it just illustrates how outrageous some prices are.... You will be really shocked by the last one! (At least, I was...)
Compared with Gasoline......
Think a gallon of gas is expensive?
This makes one think, and also puts things in perspective.

Diet Snapple 16 oz $1.29 ... $10.32 per gallon
Lipton Ice Tea 16 oz $1.19.........$9.52 per gallon
Gatorade 20 oz $1.59 ..... $10.17 per gallon
Ocean Spray 16 oz $1. 25 ... ...... $10.00 per gallon
Brake Fluid 12 oz $3.15 ...... $33.60 per gallon
Vick's Nyquil 6 oz $8.35 .. $178.13 per gallon
Pepto Bismol 4 oz $3.85 .. $123.20 per gallon
Whiteout 7 oz $1.39 ....... . $25.42 per gallon

Scope 1.5 oz $0.99 .....$84.48 per gallon

And this is the REAL KICKER...

Evian water 9 oz $1.49..$21.19 per gallon! $21.19 for WATER and the buyers don't even know the source (Evian spelled backwards is Naive.)

Ever wonder why printers are so cheap?

So they have you hooked for the ink. Someone calculated the cost of the ink at...............(you won't believe it....but it is true........) $5,200 a gal. (five thousand two hundred dollars)

So, the next time you're at the pump,be glad your car doesn't run on water, Scope, or Whiteout, Pepto Bismol, Nyquil or God forbid, Printer Ink!

Just a little humor to help ease the pain of your next trip to the pump...

And - If you don't pass this along to at least one person, your muffler will fall off!! Okay, your muffler won't really fall off...but, you might run out of toilet paper.


So my question to you is: How much do you pay for gas?


Andi said...

$4.09 today. I was just looking at a photo I had taken a couple of months ago and I was complaining about having to pay $2.99!

Oh how the times, they are a-changing! said...

Over here it's about $7.50. So stop whining.

The Big Finn said...

I actually look forward to catching a cold just so I have a valid reason to take Nyquil. I'd pay any price for that magical elixir.


I just read an article regarding how a lot of bottled water is just filtered tap water (I know Evian isn't). The article stated that paying for water is like paying for air.

The Big Finn said...

Oh...and I pay NOTHING for gas! Selling the Jeep last year is one of the best financial moves I've EVER made.

Pete said...

$0.00 plus tax, bitches.

though i don't drive in chicago, people need to shut the flip up about gas prices. how about skipping that latte, bringing your lunch, or selling your kid into slave labor if its really affecting you.

times are tough, but bitching about it ain't gonna solve anything.

David said...

I pay $0.00 as I am a mass transit whore. I ride the rails!

BlondieWrites said...

I live in Wisconsin and paid $4.23 yesterday for gas. I put in 2 gallons proudly.

andy said...

In Sheffield UK, I pay £1.17 a litre. Work that out!


Drunken Dragon said...

lol, nice post. I'm tracking back this articles