Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I shudder at Shutter - A 5 word movie review

This post was originally written when Shutter was still in the theaters, for some reason I never got around to posting it. But now Shutter is finally out on DVD, so thus my review is no longer out of date.

So here's my 5 word review:

Wasn't scary, she was dead.


Originally written on 3/27/08
Last night while on an evening with with The Best Friend he said "Hey, The Boyfriend and I are going to go see Shutter, you wanna go?"

"When's the show?" I asked. "7:35" was the reply, less than an hour away.

So we stopped our walk and hustled instead to the train and made our way North to the movie theater.

One good thing I can say about Shutter is that it's a short movie.

The most interesting thing about the movie was that it was set in Japan. From what I understand this movie is a remake so it is interesting they didn't change the locale but only the characters.

Overall it was a very predictable movie, there was only one "thing" that surprised me, other than that you know when something is about to "happen" so you can brace yourself.

The female lead was a bimbo, ho and jealous wife all rolled into one!

Several times during the movie the woman would say "I don't know why she's here" I would then raise my hand and say "Oooh...ohh....I know why....I know why...."

The "ghost" wasn't scary in the "oh my god it's a ghost" kind of scary, she was just there and happened to be dead.

Having just watched the Ringu (the original Ring) with a friend, this was nothing by comparison.

As a side note, I rented the original Shutter (which happens to be a Thai movie) and it was much better than the remake - but then isn't that the way it typically goes?

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should have been called shitter