Monday, July 07, 2008

Keyword Roundup!

I love looking at the keywords that drive people to my blog. I'm sure it drives them absolultely bonkers when they're looking for one thing and then end up in my part of the world....poor things.

But here are some of the best Keywords as of late:

- Porn Star Blog (Remember, they're only porn STARS if I know what their name is, otherwise they're just Porn ACTORS)
- the Little Prince Quiz (is this a hot quiz going around now, I have no idea?)
- Is Paul Konrad/Tom Skilling/Dean Richards/Pat Tomasulo Gay (these are all of the anchors on our local channel WGN)
- How to eat your own pussy (I assume they're talking about frying up your kitty, because how in the world could you eat your own pussy - unless you're a contoronist)
- I work as the manager at an insurance company (congratulations, lord knows what you were doing here though)
- worlds oldest stripper (People are STILL looking for that picture - it's disgusting I tell you) - stanky ho (why thank you, I like to think I am)
- 703-656-9940 (this is the number that shows up when the NRA calls - perhaps they've been busier now that Chuck Heston died)

And my most favorite of all
- why do shemales have dicks (uhm, because they're chicks with dicks, that's why)


Ms Mac said...

Porn Stars and Super Models. If I don't know their name, they're neither a star nor super!

(I only know the name of two porn "stars" I think)

The Big Finn said...

Your keywords are much more exciting than mine!

jefframone said...

So which of your blog posts got all those hits?

Michael said...

Ms. Mac - I'm right there with you.

TBF - You need to use more swear words in your posts.

Jeff - Next time I'll include the links so you can see what people ended up with.

mr_g said...

Moses died?? I gotta get outta my own head now and then and pay attention. Someone once found me by typing in something about pubic waxing in mobile al. Weird...