Thursday, July 03, 2008

Oh My God - I've Been Stumbled On

Have you ever been over to Stumble Upon?

It's like Digg where users submit stories and then other people can "vote on them"

Remember that story I did a few weeks ago about interesting things your body does? Well someone Stumbled it and I've gotten more than 300 hits in like a 2 hour period.

Oh My God - What's a boy to do?!?


Barack Obama said...


appple said...

i stumbled you!

and now i'm here reading.

fun blog, i'm looking forward to checking it out.

Michael said...

Hey Barack - Congrats on being First!

Appple - Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy! Now I'm gonna go check you out!

Gamma said...

You're the most famous gay I know... except for that other guy... jealous? :)