Thursday, July 03, 2008

OMG - Barack Obama is my friend on Flickr!

I'm sure that you're aware that I have a Flickr page - don't you? If you weren't, I'd suggest you'd click HERE and go over and take a look at some of my not so fabulous photos.

So the other day I was looking through other people's photos and I came across Barack Obama's Flickr page, so I friended him. Sure it's all political and stuff and shots of him schmoozing with the common people, but I like Barack and I feel the need to support the next President of the United States of America.
Well you could have slapped me across the face and called me Sally when I got a reply back in my Flickr mailbox that Barack had "friended" me back. WHOA NELLIE!

YEAH, Barack is my friend on Flickr and believe me you, he's a whole lot better than that Tom guy over on MySpace or whatever.
Maybe I will get an invite to a State Dinner after all.

Oh yeah, don't tell my sister, she's one of those Republicans - and she actually likes McCain?!?


Barack Obama said...


John McCain said...

You're an A-HOLE, Obama! I would have been first, but the wife left my laptop on a high bookshelf. I couldn't get it because I can't lift my freakin' arms above my shoulders.

Michael said...

Now, now, boys! No need to argue. Barack was here first!

Teddy said...

your sister likes John McSame? That's unfortunate. I posted a hilarious video today on my blog about him.

He certainly is comical though eh?