Monday, July 21, 2008

Using Jane Lynch's Telephone

Marc from The Feast of Fools invited me to go to the HRC Summer Chic Event with him since his boyfriend Fausto has been ill for the past week fighting of Denuge Fever.

Fortunately I had a tux and was able to go on a moments notice (although I need to get more fashionable neckwear), and we headed off downtown to infilitrate the fancy people party.

Marc & Fausto had donated an item to the Silent Auction and they were also Media Sponsors for the event so in addition to the overall event we had the chance to go to the VIP Pre-Event Cocktail Party.

Funny thing though, was that we didn't know for sure if we had actually been invited to the reception so I just told Marc that we'll storm the gates and force our way through. Unfortunately all we really needed to do was flash our "table cards" and they let the draw bridge down and let us enter. Into a Suite that I would never be allowed into for any other reason. There was a piano in the foyer, a dining table with a view of the river and the Wrigley Building, a beautiful sitting area that was divided by a fireplace.

Besides having the wonderful chance to spend the evening with Marc, we got to meet Jane Lynch. She was the keynote speaker at the event and she was milling around the Cocktail Party, so Marc and I decided that we needed to meet her. So we got close to where she was sitting on the couch, and what does she do but motion to Marc to "come on over".

Jane Lynch was great, a wonderful personality, funny and she's got the greatest laugh. Marc told her that he loved her as "The Bathroom Expert" when she was the spokesperson for Clorox. She took a few minutes and chatted with us and posed for a few pictures with us and laughed at our jokes.

After we had accomplished our mission, I knew there was more trouble for us to get we went to seek out the bathroom.

Let's just say that we defiled her bathroom, only to find out that she wasn't staying in that suite!

But here's a video so you can see what we at least did to someone's bathroom!

The HRC Event was nice, lots of people dressed to the nines, expesive cocktails, and good dinner conversation - although Marc and I got there late and had to sit with our backs to the screen so we had to turn around on our chairs for the whole event.

We had a great time and I'm glad that Marc invited me to go with him - although I'm sorry Fausto was sick - his loss, my gain!

7 comments: said...

This bathroom is bigger than my apartment. I thought I escaped this when I moved out of a tiny place, which my friends referred to as the live-in toilet. But you told me otherwise.

Pete said...

you look so hot in a tux, michael! woof!

Ice John's World said...

You guys seem to have much more fun in that bathroom than the rest of the party!

Michael said...

Gomad - It was HUGE

Pete - You should see me out of it!

Ice John - I think we did too.

Pete said...

that's what i've been trying to do! i'm all about the birthday suits...hope to see you wednesday, stud!

David said...

WOW! So interesting, Michael!

Jared Fox said...

I thought I recognized you when I was browsing around at random blogs!