Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Glenwood Arts Festival

Chicago is the city of festivals (well in the summer that is) and since we have 8 months of winter here, we make sure that we enjoy all the summer we can. And that means every weekend there is some kind of street fair, street festival, food festival, art festival or something going on.

This past weekend was the Glenwood Arts Festvial in the Rogers Park neighborhood.

My friend Gregory and I trekked up to the neighborhood to check things out, so I put together this little video for you.....

Oh yeah, there was also this great drum performance, I only caught a few minutes of it, but they were a great ensemble, check them out:

Oh yeah, and while I was there I got to meet another Blogger - the infamous Woody from over at Woody's Journal he's also the co-owner of Evil Squirrel Comics (which just happens to be on Glenwood). Now I get to add him to my list of "Bloggers I've met in Real Life" so you should stop over and see him as well.


Andi said...

Oh I loved that! I NEVER go to festivals at all! I should do that.

Great video!

StevieB said...

Wow, you could see the humidity.

Pete said...

is it me or does EVERY single block in chicago have its own summer street festival?

where are all the hot shirtless guys making out? wait, that's market days?