Friday, August 22, 2008

I just lowered my phone bill!

As you may recall, earlier this year The Roommate and I decided to dump cable. In another cost cutting episode today, I decided that I have had enough with the landline and that I was going to cancel my phone service - but keep my super slow DSL connection.

So I dials up AT&T and politely ask to cancel my phone line but keep my DSL, she informs me that even though I'll be cutting $25 off of my phone bill, the cost of my DSL is jumping up by $15 because I'm no longer a "combo customer."

"What what what?" I said, and sounded all dejected that I really wasn't going to be saving any money at all and I'd be down one more service. The nice lady at AT&T said "Well, if you're looking to lower your bill, I can take $5 off your phone service and $5 off your internet service for a year."

So I saved $120 in a matter of 10 minutes and got to keep my landline and DSL service.

You should call and threaten to leave too....maybe they'll give you a discount!


Andi said...

It is soooo funny that they can just take off $10 per month of just like that!

Kinda like how my cell phone company have messed up my bill so many times now that I am on employee discount rates with my current plans as compensation for their fuck-ups!

Our home phone was costing us about $160 a month until I cut down on voice-mail, call waiting etc., now we only pay $70 and that includes phone calls made to england, Switzerland AND New Zealand each month!!

Good on you Michael!

The Big Finn said...

I think I've lowered our monthly phone bill by at least $10 per month just by using Skype when talking to my bro/sis-in-law and also when talking to the free-for-all that is my sister and her four kids instead of using our land line.