Monday, August 04, 2008

Looks 29, Acts 13, Feels 19

My best friend was able to grab a Wii Fit yesterday at Target and he brought it over so we could try it out on the big screen.

Have you tried it? It really is an amazing piece of hardware.

Before you start any of the exercises it tests your strength and balance by playing some "games" where you have to get little bars in certain places for certain periods of time. It then takes those timings (in addition to your weight and other factors) and gives you an estimation of "how old" you are. According to the Wii Fit, I am 49 years old!

The damn machine was just barely this side of calling me an old fat ass! So I guess it's time to get back to the gym.

My friend called me the other day to tell me that the Wii was asking for me. Apparently since I haven't exercised for a few days it was concerned about my well being and is afraid that I may have fallen into the freezer while retrieving some ice cream, and just wanted to make sure I was alive still.

So now that he has the Wii Fit, I want one too, but can't find one ANYWHERE! I can understand the console being difficult to find - just in relation that it is a console, but WHY can you not find an accessory (which the Wii Board is) anywhere.....I mean, come on, it's an accessory for god's sake.

Get your heads out of your butts Nintendo, just think of the revenue stream that you're missing out on.


Andi said...

That's what I said! You can't find ANY accessories ANYWHERE! You had to send me a bloody Wii from Chicago for Christ's sake!

That being said, my Wii age was 28 and I'm 35! LOL

Michael said...

Uhm, I thought we were the same age?!?

Andi said...

Oh shit yeah, I'm 38. WTF ? LOL Honest mistake I tell ya!

*shakes head and agrees with doctors that she IS indeed losing her mind*

Farrin said...

I love this--especially the woman in the picture. You've got me on this jag that I want one now. I've started trying to reason that we could get one of these and just not join the Y as we've planned...blah blah blah! God knows I could use one, but I hate the idea of giving Nintendo MORE money--they laugh at all of us over consuming their products by holding back production. Ha! Good for them. If I were Nintendo I'd take the day off and not make any new Wii Fits most days too... but maybe that's why I'm not Nintendo in the first place then huh! ;-)