Monday, August 25, 2008

A new phone scam?

So I just saved $120 annually on my phone bill by calling up and telling them I wanted to cancel my service, you should try it as well.

One of the reasons that I wanted to cancel my landline phone was that it never gets used, except by telemarketers or my Best Friend. Whenever the phone rings it's one or the other and I always answer it in my "I'm foreign" to throw off solitors and well to throw off my friend too.

The other day the phone rang and when I looked at the Caller ID, it was my own telephone number that was could that be?

I remember when I was a kid we had a built in intercom system with our phones. We had several phones located across our property (we lived on a few acres and had several outbuildings) and if we dialed our own phone number and then hung up, it would immediately ring if someone was in the garage or barn they would answer it and then you could pick up the phone and talk to them, pretty cool huh? But it doesn't work any longer, I tried it when I went home to visit : -(

Regardless, I'm looking at my phone and reading my own phone number I was confused so I answered the phone, but this time in my regular voice because I was afraid it was INS or Homeland Security calling. I said hello and immediately a female voice started in on a sales pitch......i let her catch a breath - which was hard to do and asked her to put me on their Do Not Call list - she immediately hung up on me and I had no way to call them back and complain.

Is this the new way for telemarketers to get around the requirement of putting people on the Do Not Call list? It sounds like it to me, if there's no number on the caller ID, how could I even call to complain.

Sneaky sneaky sneaky.....

Oh yeah, when we went to Sam's Club this weekend and as we were exiting there was some woman there asking if she could "talk to us for a few minutes about replacement windows for our home." I looked at her and started crying saying "OMG, our house is going into foreclosure, how could you be so cruel?" She just stared as we pushed our cart out to our waiting car.

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