Sunday, August 31, 2008


Do you Twitter?

I do and I LOVE IT! It's so much fun to send quick bite size messages to the web. When I was home on vacation a few weeks back I had no access to the Internet so instead, I Twittered.

And Flickr'd too.....

I sent messages and pictures from my cellphone when I was within range (which unfortunately wasn't very often) and had a great time continuing to keep in touch with everyone.

If you do Twitter, check me out over here at whatsaboytodo, follow me and I'll follow you back, you should really try it.

But really the reason that I'm twittering is that half of the cast of Mad Men are following me on Twitter. I saw the other day that someone wrote that she had a Twitter page Peggy Olson so I jumped over there and checked it out and "followed her"

Well within two days I was suddenly being followed by three more castmembers - Don Draper, Joan Holloway and Bobbie Barret....whooo hooo.....perhaps I'm getting famous...LOL!!!

So then I started thinking about it really the actors that are doing this Twittering or is it an intern that has a script sitting in front of them and they're instructed to send out messages at certain times from certain characters to create an online webisode of sorts....another storyline.

I don't watch Mad Men - because we don't have cable, but I know the show is about Ad Executives in the 60's.....which I find hilarious because they're using a technology that from the 21st century that hadn't even been thought of when this show was set...Yes I know the technology was there in some stage, but people had never heard of the internet and had no concept of even a home computer....yet here they are keeping in touch with us via a not yet invented technology....

If you do Twitter, check me out over here at whatsaboytodo, follow me and I'll follow you back!

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