Tuesday, October 07, 2008

44 Degrees

44 Degrees. I can't believe it, it seems like it wasn't that long ago that we were battling temps boarding on 90 degrees.

I think that Autumn is officially here, well officially it's been here for almost 2 weeks already, but I just haven't wanted to accept it, I want summer to keep going on! The past few weeks have been ultra crazy as everyone in the city is in the same mode, you know the one I mean: "Get as much done outside for as long as you can cuz we're gonna be stuck in the house all winter mode"

I do enjoy this time of year though, the air is crisp (I've been sleeping with the windows open for almost a week now), you get to wear layers - can you say t-shirt, pullover, button up all at the same time, its one of the few times each year I get to color coordinate with nature. The trees are starting to change colors, although not in full bloom yet, but you can see the changes already.

I'm looking forward to the end of the week though, it's time for a roadtrip. I haven't been on a Road Trip since last year when I took MegaBus down to Ohio to meet up with Andilicious. A while back Stevie B from Nice To See Stevie B made the mistake of saying that a group of boys were heading off to see a Drag Show in Des Moines.

Of course I took that as an open invitation and I somehow invited myself along. So this Friday my friend John and I are jumping in the car and heading over to Des Moines to meet up with "The Denver Crew" It's the perfect time of year to travel across the lovely states of Illinois and Iowa, so I'm hoping that the color show will make the 6 hour drive that much easier.

I have no idea what we're going to do in the car for 6 hours though, do you have any suggestions?

**UPDATE** Unfortunately due to some health issues my friend is not going with me...so now I really need ideas of what I'm going to do in the car...for six hours.....A L O N E!!! I hope I don't go crazy.


Andi said...

Play I Spy and win every time?

The Big Finn said...

A six hour drive into IOWA?!?!?!? I just hope you don't fall asleep at the wheel.

Farrin said...

My advice is to take I-88 tollway out of Chicago...it's worth the extra dollars. I DESPISE I-80 like poison. (My partner's family is in Des Moines). But once you get to I80, all the speeding semitrucks will probably keep you pretty busy! I always thought that Iowa would be nice and laid back...nuh uh! Oh well, stop at the big huge truck stop and eat yourself all the way there. :-) (but be careful of the daunting WII FIT when you return) :-) Have fun in DEZ Moinez!!