Wednesday, October 22, 2008

America's Next Top Model

I watched America's Next Top Model aka ANTM and I'm confused - is this a new season or are they re-running old shows?

When did ANTM get so freaking predicitible? I mean I know they caught their stride a few seasons ago when they started doing the same things, like the make over and the hair cuts, but they've gone overboard. But I can swear that tonights episode was so cliche.

There was the girl that got claustrophobic when she had to put the mask on, there was the girl that was "so sick that she couldn't go on" but did go on - and ended up puking on camer, and there was the diva fight. What's wrong with ANTM?

It seems as though the competitors have figured the game out as well. Tonight was the episode where they got to do their first Covergirl commercial...and honestly, almost all of them were really good. Which only tells me one thing - the girls have been practicing and they know what's coming down the road. If ANTM doesn't bother to change it's formula how much fun can the show really be? I mean what's the use of watching the exact same show every year only with a different cast of characters. If we're bored, imagine how bored the girls on the show must be.

At least the other reality tv shows shake things up by having different types of obstacles, games, and challenge events, but ANTM just doesn't want to let go of the past. I guess they figure that they can just use the same tired formula until EVERYONE in the world knows what it was. Perhaps the whole point of the show is to get everyone in America up to speed on what the show is all about so that everyone in America can enjoy the experience personally - like an Amusement ride.

Imagine going to Disney World and riding "It's a Small World" over and over and over again and expecting it to get better the more you watch it. That's what ANTM has turned into, a show that's exactly the same as it was the last time I watched it and the time before that....and the time before that.

I sort of imagine ANTM as one of those "Mysteries in a Box" party games. As soon as a model shows up on the set, they're handed an envelope telling them exactly who they're going to be on that season. Just imagine the poor girls suprise when she opens the envelope and finds out she's going to have bulima that season or the one that gets to freak out at the short haircut. That's so 1980's.

And what happened to the Tranny girl on there? Did they get rid of her already? Too bad : -(

I did watch Sylista though.....and that woman is what I imagine Madonna is like.

And that poor boy that got kicked embarrassing that he lost out to the chubby girl. I thought for sure she was going to be the one to go and that's why everyone was being nice to her. You know that his friends are giving him a good workover for that one!


Ms Mac said...

The magic of ANTM this "cycle" simply had to be at the beginning when Tyra nearly killed me with her hammy acting. It was must-see tv, I tells ya!

And Nigel is always hot. Whenever I think I might have to stop watching because of how awful it can be sometimes, they pull Nigel out of the bag and I remember why I watch it in the first place!

Andi said...

I read this post and I saw you had one comment and I thought "I bet it's Stella!" and yay! I was right!

I have only seen bits and bobs of the odd episode because I can't stand Tyra and the whole "Wheeeeee" screeching every time they get Tyra Mail.


Georgia loves it though.

Mind, I do have a thing for that Jay guy with the silver hair.

Jelly said...

We're behind here -- they just aired episode two - so, like, don't tell me who ends up winning, eh?

I couldn't get over how corny the first episode was with the space theme. And the way Tyra talks bugs the shit out of me, "You are still on the way. to. becoming....America's. Next. Top. Model."

I think next season they should throw in a full-on "porno shoot" and see how that turns out.

Michael said...

@ Ms. Mac - You did not use the word "magic"!!!! Wait until I see you.

I agree Nigel is always hot, he was on another show this week, one of those night time dramas something or other.

But I think they need more than Nigel to save the show.

@Andi - Yes, you know your Stella, don't you? I do agree Jay is a cutie. There's been talk that he and Miss Jay are supposed to get their own show. But just between you and me...I think that Miss Jay is GAY, I mean not that there's anything wrong with that, I'm just saying.

@Jelly - Oh don't worry, last night was probably the only time I'll watch it this season!