Friday, October 03, 2008

An Eyebrow Waxing Goes BAD!!!!!


Gamma said...

You should have whipped out your balls and told her to "wax these bitch!"

Then again, you do live in America so you probably would have been maced or shot or something.

Hmmm.. I think you handled it better :)

andy said...

Oh, thats a bit chauvanistic, girls only, except its probably for the best, the waxed eyebrow thing usually leaves guys looking permanantly surprised :-(

Michael said...

Gamma - Oh yes, the girls would have clasped their pearls and screamed!

Andy - But it's cheaper than botox!!!

The Big Finn said...

Macy's sucks!!!! Bring back Marshall Field's!


I've had my eyebrows waxed and it hurt like hell. Now, I have them threaded instead which I think is much better. I'm telling ya, just ask any Indian person if they know anybody who does eyebrow threading, and chances are that they will. It should cost you no more than $15.

I'd refer you to my lady, but she's way out in the 'burbs.