Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm heading off on a Road Trip tomorrow and I need car games to, it's gonna be 6 hours! I need to be entertained!!!

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Marty Mouse said...

Entertainment? How about some free road music? I don't know if this is your taste in music, but I went to Banana Republic and picked up a City Guides magazine, that has a coupon for some free songs. Some are pretty cool like Mark Farina's 'Dream Machine' and Samantha James' 'Rise'. Anyways its a free Itunes download. All you do is go to the Itunes store and click on 'Redeem' on the top right column under "Quick Links". Here's the code: 4PL6LX3FMTYW (This is a one time download and expires Oct 25, 2008). Let me know if it works. Have a fun time!!!!