Sunday, October 19, 2008

A new lip dub: So What by Pink

Well I have once again gone and made one of those lip dub videos. A few weeks ago my friends, Gregory, Marc Felion, Tracy Tyler and I, went to the ImprovEverywhere MP3 Experiment in Lincoln Park. While we were there we decided to make a few videos.

First we shot some video for my friend Gregory:

Then we shot something with Marc & Tracy

And we shot some video for me as well, this past Saturday I spent the day running around my backyard putting the final touches on this great new lip dub - So What by Pink that's going to be released on her new album "Funhouse" that's going to be out later this year.

So without further introduction, I give you:


Ms Mac said...

You seem to have more fun than is strictly legal.

Ice John's World said...

You guys just had so much fun!

Ice John's World said...
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Farrin said...

Your backgrounds were RAD!!! The menstrual blood was my favorite though! Whaahahahaha! ;-) And the floating head! Love it!

Michael said...

@Ms. Mac - You know I do.

@Ice John - We always have a great time.

@Farrin - HA HA, I didn't think it was that, but it does look like that...LOL!!! That's what I get for free stuff...LOL!!! I thought the floating head was funny too, glad that you liked it!

Jelly said...

Damn! You can run REALLY FAST on the highway! You rock, Michael!

Michael said...

@ Jelly - I know, I was so tired after that!!!!