Monday, October 27, 2008

OMG - I AM going to be a Judge of Election

Well I don't know if my rant worked (ha ha, I want to believe it did) but I received my Official Commission letter from the Board of Election Commissioners.

It was suspiciously postmarked October 25th, the same day as my post, I want to believe that someone read my rant and rushed my name to the top of the list....but alas, I know that it's just governmental bureaucracy.

But I'm excited now, because "Here comes da' Judge!"

See you on Election Day!

3 comments: said...

Sorry I'm a foreigner... what are the duties of a Judge of Election

Michael said...

Gomad - The role of the Judge of Election is to "run" the election process at each of the precincts where votes are taken. JofE are the ones that verify people are who they say they are and guide electors through the process.

It's a great way to watch the entire voting process in action.....not to mention - you get to meet the cute boys that live in the neighborhood!!!!! said...

Great scheme - dating voters by picking them from the queue.