Thursday, October 30, 2008

Panda Week 2008: It's Panda-licious!

Panda Week 2008 continues on as Panda Fausto takes on Fergie.

Due to problems of getting the video to Youtube click on the picture or HERE to go to the video.

You will not want to miss this performance.

If you miss the North Halsted Halloween Parade you'll be sorry that you did!  It kicks off at Belmont/Halsted at 7PM and snakes it's way up to Addison and then back to Roscoe where the ever-tasty Miss Foozie will host the evenings events.

See you at the Parade!

For more info: For a full listing of events check out the Halsted Halloween Site also visit the Feast of Fools and sign up for the #1 downloaded GLBT Podcast on iTunes.


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Rob7534 said...

I'm working ALL Halloween... a double shift :(