Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Panda Week 2008: That's Not My name

Oh my oh my, everything is better when it's a Panda!

Somehow I got tangled up with those crazy and wonderful boys over at the Feast of Fools and we turned ourselves into Pandas.  First it was that Annoying Asians Dance and then Marc as the wonderful Edit Piaf and now it's my turn:

If you don't know the Feast of Fools you really need to go over and check them out. Visit the Feast of Fools and sign up for the #1 downloaded GLBT Podcast on iTunes.

1 comment:

Feast of Fools said...

Everything is better with bears dressing up as pandas lip-syncing songs about women asking for respect.

Panda is not my name! Ling Ling is not your name. It's Michael.