Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Rant

This is only a rant.....because I'm tired....

Had a great trip over to Des Moines yesterday and got to meet up with StevieB and his Crew of Men from Denver (who had a 12 hour trip from Denver) and we even had a chance to see all of the Night Life that is Des Moines.

Early this morning, 7:31 to be exact, I hear a knocking and then a YELLED "SURPRISE" only the suprise wasn't for was for the girl who's getting married who's room is next to mine. Apparently the grandparents had been waiting since 5:00AM to come give their well wishes to the bride.

Her room is at the end of the hall, so she's kept her door open to receive visitors - and it's been one visitor after group of visitors after group of running children visitors - up and down the hallway.

I'm not one to bitch, because it is her wedding day afterall and I'm sure it's something she'll regret in about 5 years, but that's neither here nor there.....but it just amazes me that they think that they're the ONLY ONES in this hotel. I almost called the front desk, but I don't want to be that mean man that tells everyone to be quiet at 7:30 in the morning.......

Why do people think they're the only ones in the world and that no one else matters?

Society is going downhill.......maybe if I see her later I'll throw rice at them.....over hand : -)

End of Rant....I'm off to have a great day with the Denver Boys!!!!!


andy said...

You can throw over hand?

Michael said...

@Andy - shhh, don't tell anyone, it's my secret weapon!!!

Ice John's World said...

Sorry to know that your sleep was interrupted. People are just getting less considerated nowadays. It seems that you still had a good time at Des Moines!