Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yeah, Britney is free!

You can all breathe a sigh of relief....Britney Spears has been acquitted of ALL CHARGES that were levied against her in Traffic Court.

Remember last year when she was arrested for a Hit-and-Run AFTER the fact? Well, she was also cited for not having a valid CA license (even though she posesses a valid LA license). Britney in all of her wisdoom decided to buck the system and take it to trial.

A jury of 12 of her peers (wait, does Britney really even have peers) sat for a period longer than the actual trial in deliberation and was dead-locked at a 10-2 vote. Those people could just not get to terms that Britney wasn't guilty!

So finally, the judge today declared a mistrial and the prosecutors said that they were not going to pursue the case any further - so Britney is off scott-free!

Now she doesn't have to worry about going to jail, she can instead spend her time at home with her lovely husband and children....oops, wait, that's wrong.....she's divorced from him and he's got the kids. Well hey, now she can just sit by the pool and enjoy the silence.


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StevieB said...

My life as it has been lived, has been leading up to this. I....I'm a happy man.