Friday, November 14, 2008

A conversation with Maeve Quinlan

Who doesn't enjoy a good 3Way? If you're looking for a good time I can tell you where you can find a hot 3Way, with little to no effort. Saturday night you can catch the "hottest lesbian comedy NOT on TV" at Reeling 27's presentation of 3Way at Pipers Alley at 7PM.

Let me give you a quick rundown of this hilarious comedy that just happens to be about lesbians. 3Way is the story of an out of luck actress who moves in with her childhood friend - who happens to be a lesbian, soon a new girlfriend shows up and moves in and an ex-girlfriend that won't go away.

3Way is much more than just "a show" it's a true pioneer into that new frontier of New Media. 3Way was originally conceived as a two-part web show that grew to a 3 part series and eventually morphed into a full blown Web Series with Episodes, Confessionals and Behind-the-Scene action. 3Way really takes advantage of America's craze with Reality TV by showcasing the funniest parts of reality TV and wrapping it around a perfect story about 3 lesbians and a straight girl.

Recently I had a chance to sit down with one of the stars of this hot show, Maeve Quinlan, and find out exactly what they're up to.

Michael Lehet: Who came up with the concept of 3Way?
Maeve Quinlan: When I was on South of Nowhere, the character I was playing was a homophobe and I did something an actress should never do - I went on the message boards to see what the fans were saying. I was shocked that some people were saying things like “I hate Maeve Quinlan because she’s a homophobe!” And I’m like "NO, I’m not! The character I play is, but I’m not!" At the time one of my best friends, who happens to be a lesbian, was living with me and she had met this great girl who moved in with us. I was sitting there laughing at myself and said "If they could even see my life." Not to be too dramatic about that but I was really hurt, I have many gay and lesbian friends.

So I jotted down this idea, and because I had been working on a Soap for 10 years prior to that, I came up with this bigger than life story. About this really bad Soap Actress who goes through a horrible divorce, gives everything up for the dog which dies the day after they sign the papers, gets fired from her job, her agent saves her job but now she’s in a coma so there’s no lines, no money, no dog. So she really needs her childhood friend to move in with her, and that's just the beginning.

ML: So a lot of it is based on your personal experience?
MQ: Well I should say that I heighten it and change it. The idea came from me but the credit really goes to the creators: myself, Nancylee Myatt – who was co-executive producer on South of Nowhere and Paige Bernhardt. The three of us came up with the idea of doing proper episodes and then the confessionals.

ML: You appear to have a great rapport with the rest of the cast, it comes across on the screen.
MQ: We have such amazing chemistry! What’s funny is that Maile was the first person that was cast and then Jill Bennett then it took us a while because we didn’t know who we wanted to cast as Roxie. Our Casting Director and Maile suggested Kathy Shim, when we saw her stuff on MadTV and Reno911 we knew we had to have her. Each actress brings something special to their character it’s such a great ensemble.

Click HERE To read the rest of the interview with Maeve Quinlan

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