Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fire.....Fire....OMG THERE'S A FIRE!!!!

Let me preface this with a conversation I had with my roommate via text message. I should also tell you that this occurred on a school night and the first message arrived on my phone at a time when all good boys and girls should be in bed.

The Roommate: When you get home walk throughout the house and come down and tell me if you smell something burning.

Me: Do you see smoke anywhere?

TR: Smells electrical or like rubber burning

Me: Where is it coming from?

TR: No not at all it may be coming from outside but not sure

Me: Does it smell like a fireplace or burning trash?

TR: I don't think so. Take a gander when you get here

So I rush home and when I walk in the back door I take one sniff and it's very apparent to me what the smell was - being from the country and all. It was a SKUNK!

Remember a few weeks ago when I twittered that I saw a huge ass skunk down the street from our house? Well apparently, city-folk don't understand what a skunk actually does, I guess they must think he's like PePe Le Pew from those old cartoons.

I then thought it was funny that The Roommate had never smelled the essence of a skunk before, but then he's never lived in the country and has been a city boy his entire life.

And yeah, if you're wondering, Skunk spray does smell like a mixture of burning rubber!


Andi said...

burning rubber and ass.

The Big Finn said...

As my sister says:

It smells so bad that you have to smell it again because you just can't believe how bad it was the first time you smelled it.