Monday, November 24, 2008

More than 300 GLBT Supporters Protest Cinemark Theaters in Evanston, IL

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The numbers are in: More than 300 people joined forces on Saturday night while braving the cold to inform the citizens of Evanston, IL exactly they type of prejudice they are supporting when they patronize the Century Theater on Maple Street.

For two hours the protesters peacefully marched in front of the theater chanting "hey hey ho ho, homophobia has got to go" and "what do we want?  Equal Rights!  When do we want them?  NOW!" but the most powerful of all was when the entire group was chanting "Boycott Cinemark" in unison with the voices bouncing off the walls of the high rises that line the street.

After a peaceful protest the group marched to the campus of Northwestern University where they blocked the main entrance to the campus and organizer Andy Thayer addressed the group.  The protesters then marched back to the theater walking through busy downtown Evanston surprising patrons of numerous businesses.  The protesters then marched in front of the theaters while chanting and informing consumers that they have a choice when going to the movies.


For more info: Visit Gay Liberation Network to stay on top of the news regarding the need to Defeat Prop 8


Marty Mouse said...

Thanks for posting the video. That was so nice of that young man to hand out coffee. What a sweetheart!

Michael said...

Hi Marty - I'm glad that I was able to capture the moment. It was powerful to see so many people out broadcasting the same message.

There's a bookstore across the street from the Theater and he came out several times with cups of coffee for the protesters in the cold weather.

Jelly said...

Oh hey - I forgot to mention that I saw this post on Joe My God. Nice!