Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My First Celebrity Interview - REVEALED


Farrin said...

wow--luckeee! How do you get all this exposure with Reeling and the ChiFilmmakers?

Have you ever gone to the open screening to take any work? We went to check it out once but keep hoping to go back and screen something. Have you taken classes? I keep saying I'm gonna do that too.

Anyhoo, congrats on the awesome interview. I love that you were the geek in the car talking to the camera when she walked by! ;-)

Michael said...

Hi Farrin - Since I started writing for the Examiner it's actually "legitimized" me so I'm eligible for Press Credentials, Yeah!!!

I have gone to an open screening at Filmmakers before and they screened a "vacation" video I made when my then boyfriend and I went to London. I've not taken classes there, but they do have a good listing.

And yes, I'm a HUGE geek, I've learned to embrace it.

Maeve and the rest of the cast of 3Way are going to be at the screening on Saturday at 7 at Pipers Alley. You should come, she's fabulous in person!

Farrin said...

wow! "Press Credentials" that is hot!

I'm gonna check to see if tickets are still available for 3 way. I don't know if its one of those things where you have to have had your tickets for like 3 months or if you can show up and buy them at the door. Sounds like fun!