Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Would you nominate me?

Well, I wouldn't normally self-promote myself like this, but my friend Jason Steele started it, so I'm just following his lead.

ason just sent an email to his friends announcing that the nominations for this year's Pressies, the local "Best of Chicago" award ceremony that was created by Chicago Free Press, is now open.

He's asked that we nominate him...but he was also kind enough to ask his friends to nominate little old me for best local GLBT Blog.

So I'm doing the return favor for him and at the same time asking you to nominate me and also him...I mean that is if you'd like to : -)

Jason was nominated and won for last years Best Local LGBT Columnist and he deserves to win again this year.

You don’t have to fill in all the categories, just the ones you want/know. Here are some other suggestions to round out the ballot–

Under Culture: Best GLBT Celebrity - Fausto Fernos
Under Internet: Best GLBT Website: Chicagopride.com
Under Internet: Best GLBT Blog: whatsaboytodo.net
Under Lifestyle: Best Brunch: Big Jones
Under Print: Best Daily Newspaper: RedEye
Under Print: Best Local Columnist: Jason Steele

Here's the Ballot: www.chicagofreepress.com/pressies 

Oh yeah, and if you really feel the need to do more, please feel free to post this on your own blog or Facebook page!


Marty Mouse said...

OMG Michael!! I voted for you. I hope you win. Do you know if we can vote everyday?

You work so hard and your blog and Youtube lip-syncs are awesome!! Good luck!

Michael said...

Thank you Marty Mouse - I can't find any "rules" for the nomination process so I think you coule nominate everyday.