Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Decision to be made for Obama's IL Senate Seat

The news in Chicago is burning up......the disgrasced Guv, Blagojevich, is making an announcement for his appointment to Obama's IL Senate Seat.

This after he's been arrested by the Federal Government and been asked by the IL Government to step down.

Just the other day his lawyer proclaimed in pre-trail something or other, that all of the evidence that the Feds have is irrelevant because Blago only talked about doing these things, but never followed through. So talking about is ok, it's the doing it which is bad and he never did it.

Everything on the news is about Blagojevich, him getting into his car going to the office, it's funny to actually see Rod working now, perhaps this was just the boost he needed. He lives near where I work and almost every day in the summer when I leave the office for lunch I would see him running the wrong down a one-way street towards me. I would always wave at him, smile politely and then yell out my window "Why aren't you in Springfield?"

The news channels here are burning up this morning, all they're talking about is the Guv's decision to hold a Press Conference this afternoon at 2PM CST to announce his appointment for President-Elect Barack Obama's Illinois Senate Seat (whew, that was a whole lot of keywords there). Everyone is on saying how this is so bad, that SNL is making fun of us, that the Guv has basically been told that the House would not even accept any appointment he made and that they're almost ready to start impeachment proceedings, that he should stop...but he won't. They're saying his decision is wrong and that this wasn't just something he thought up over night and it's obviously been in the works for a while, that overall it's just wrong.

What I find most interesting though is......if you're holding a Press Conference at 2PM to announce your appointment - then WTF do you pre-announce your announcement and name names?....Why even have a press conference at that point? Just update your Facebook page for god's sake.


The Big Finn said...

I'm goin' with either Oprah or Michael Jordan.

You heard it here first!

The Big Finn said...

Wait a second...

How about Da Coach - Mike Ditka?

He needs a job, doesn't he?

The Big Finn said...

Burris! DAMN!!!

Marty Mouse said...

We used to get laughed at, because of our "Govenator", but after a while he was like free entertainment. ML, maybe that is what your Gov will do for Chicago'ns.

BTW, have a happy New Year. I really enjoyed all your videos this year. Did you finish that sexy lip sync video?