Monday, December 15, 2008

Just in time for Christmas: A burning cross for your front yard and other offensive gifts

Just what everyone has been waiting for a 5 1/2 foot tall burning cross that you can put on your front lawn to tell your neighbors exactly how you feel.

Or perhaps this is a gift you're supposed to give and not actually put up at your own house. I bet the assembly instructions say that you're supposed to deliver it in the middle of night and to make sure that you cover yourself with bedsheets so no one knows who you are.

Oh wait, no they're serious it's got 210 individual ultra bright lights and it comes courtesy of American Family Association oh those sillies, they're calling it a "Christmas Cross", uh huh!

It may be Christmas, but Santa isn't the only one coming to town. Oh no, the faggots are coming too. The AFA wants to show you that they're not just prejudiced against some people, they also don't like the Homo's. They've gone and created a fabulous DVD titled They're Coming to Your Town, sounds scary doesn't it. Look at that FABULOUS cover art, it just screams gay doesn't it?

This 28-minute documentary will fill you in on all the details of how a few renegade homosexuals have infiltrated the once pleasant town of Eureka Springs, CO and made it their own. You go you crazy homo's!

At a cost of only $14.95 this DVD is a steal, I mean that works out to less than 50 cents a minute for hate and bigotry - make sure you get some for Grandma and Grandpa they won't want to miss out.

Those lovely and caring folks over at AFA suggest that you buy a 5-pack and share with your friends because I'm sure this is one nailbiter that will have you watching it over and over again. And it's just in time for you to buy and stuff in little Timmy's Christmas Hate Stocking.

Oh those silly Christians, they don't like anybody do they?


Gamma said...

Oh man, I have to get one of those video's. I love buying crappy horror movies and this looks like the crapiest bit of fiction ever to grace a DVD. $15 dollars though? Man, that's pure rape! Why for $15, I could get a good 15 minutes with a big black bitch named Blossom. Ok so, she might not be Beverly Hills quality and she might have a few scabs on her arse, but hey, as the good lord himself said "turn the other cheek".

Yes sir, mighty fine DVD's you folks in America are producing, mighty fine indeed!

Kezza said...

Can I get a discount of I order the burniong cross and the hate-filled DVD as a package? I figure the DVD by itself probably isn't heavy enough if I try to hurl it through the AFA's windows you see.

Xmichra said...

oh my goodness.. i can't beleive trash like that exists... seriously, that is just sad.

Chris said...

Hey, he did say gays are well-organized. Something about an agenda, but the first part is a compliment, right?