Thursday, December 04, 2008

Violated - and not in the good way

I need to give you a little backstory first. Last Wednesday was our last day of work before the Thanksgiving holiday and when I got home from work I parked my car on the street (right in front of the house) and it sat there until Monday morning when I again assumed the position. Also it snowed on Sunday night, not a lot of snow, about a half inch, but enough to cover the ground and the car.

So as I go to the car bright and early on Monday morning I hit the remote to unlock the hatchback of the car to grab the ice scraper and then the lock for the doors. I grab the scraper and head over to the drivers side door to hop in and start the car so it can warm up....only there's a laptop bag on my front seat?!? What?!? That empty laptop bag was in the hatchback area of the car, what was it doing all the way up here.

I glanced around the car and realized that both of the backseats were tilted down (so you could get into the hatch area) and that my cupholder inserts were on the passengers floor (don't ask, I don't know why my cupholders have inserts either). It then dawned on me that SOMEONE WAS IN MY CAR!

Fortunately I keep nothing of value in my car - nothing! The only thing in my car are gas receipts, some quarters for the parking meter, an ice scraper and cd's in a holder (not even in their cases), the laptop bag that was in my car was empty because a friend had given it to me for another friend who I have not had the chance to see yet.

Apparently last Wednesday when I got home from our Holiday Shopping and my hands were full I forgot to push the button to lock the doors and someone must have been walking down the street trying all of the doors to see if they could find one that was unlocked and mine was!

They stole the few pennies that I had in my cupholder and the quarters that were there for the parking meter and I'm sure that they were duly pissed off when the laptop bag was completely empty!

All I can say is that I'm thankful they didn't trash the inside of my car or break any of the windows and only stole about two dollars worth of change.

I did get my revenge though, because I had five singles stuck in my ashtray that I had forgotten about and apparently they didn't think to look there. So folks if you're gonna hide money in your car, hide it in the ashtray because criminals don't want to look in dirty places.

Oh yeah, and Happy Holidays!


Xmichra said...

wow.. at least you didn't have anything of real value in your car!!!

Marty Mouse said...

Yea, I've heard similar stories lately. Could it be people are getting more desperate for $$$ because of the bad economy? What would you have done if you caught them red-handed? Take care ML, don't go alone unless you have to!!

Andrea Knapp said...

OMG - when you said someone was in your car I thought you literally meant that SOMEONE WAS IN YOUR CAR there and then!

Now, I can go change my knickers. Thanks Michael! You had me worried for a moment!

Sorry that it happened though - when i lived in the UK I had my car stolen 5 times! FIVE sodding times!

It sucks and you DO feel violated!

Tyson said...

I am so glad they didn't trash your car or try to live in it for the holiday! I was worried by the title!
(I know it says Tyson but it is really Soozie!)

Ice John's World said...

Sorry to hear what happened. At least, you are lucky that the car is not stolen or trashed or AC/stereo stolen.

Kezza said...

Some people are just low, but you got out of that one so lightly. I once had a car broken into and the would-be robbers were obviously pissed that there was nothing to take and trashed it as a result... Of course of they'd just pulled the stereo it would've come out and they could've taken it. Oh well, at least there isn't an unhappy ending for you.