Monday, December 15, 2008

Westboro Baptist Church protest fails at Center on Halsted

Photo Credit: Michael Lehet (flickr)

On Saturday, members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, KS attempted to spread their word of hate on the doorstep of the Center on Halsted in Lakeview.

Westboro members have been in town for the past week protesting at many sites throughout the city including several consulate offices and President-Elect Barack Obama's transition office downtown.

Their attempt to protest at the Center on Halsted was halted when more than 100 people showed up to counter protest Westboro members and overwhelm the message they were trying display to the residents of Lakeview.

The Westboro members did not have enough courage to protest in front of the Center on Halsted, instead they chose to spread their hate a block away in front of the Police Station at the corner of Addison and Halsted.

The Westboro members were quickly surrounded by the mass of counter protesters who used large sheets and large posters to effectively "block" the view from passersby.

The most despicible act by the Westboro members, besides carrying signs that said "Fag Xmas" was that they chose to involve small children in their activities. Most disturbing was an adorable blonde hair child holding a sign that said "God Hates Fags"

As the Westboro members were surrounded by concerned citizens of the Neighborhood and the Community they quickly decided that they were far outnumbered and asked the Police for an escort into the police station where they could seek refuge.

No arrests were made and a peaceful counter protest was effective in stopping Westboro from spreading their hateful protest. Several passersby made the statement that "You can spread your hate where ever you want, but you can not come to our front door and expect us to sit here and let you do it."

For more info: Visit Center on Halsted and to to become more involved in your community visit Join The Impact

5 comments: said...

You are turning into a professional protester. Keep rallying round the flag.

Michael said...

Gomad - I know...I just wish it were warmer. I'm toasty though, I have my layers on and my whistle at the ready!

Andrea Knapp said...

That was AWESOME - I just feel really bad that they would bring kids to something like this...... Those kids must have been really scared!

Kezza said...

Hurrah! looks like we're gaining some ground on these mindless idiots after all!

The Green Chemist said...

Thanks for sharing the story. I heard they were coming to protest in front of the center. I was unable to respond to the call to be part of the counter protest.

It is refreshing to hear that those types of protests are becoming less effective. We've come a long way, baby.

BTW - you are a very handsome guy.