Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's so cold

It's so cold you only need to use one number on the digital thermometer

It's so cold that when you walk outside and take a breath, it hurts.

It's so cold that frost accumulates on your moustache, regardless of whether you actually have one or not.

It's so cold that the idea of grabbing the cat and wrapping it around your neck like in the cartoons, doesn't sound like such a bad idea.

It's so cold that your outtie is now an innie, and I'm not talking about your belly button.

It's so cold that you hope you find your testicals by the time summer rolls around.

It's so cold that even after you've been in the office for 15 minutes, your glasses are still fogged up.


The Mutant said...

I hate that kind of cold, specifically for the two 'disappearing boy' reasons you mentioned!

Thats why, come winter its always handy to have someone on standby to warm those areas up for you!

Marty Mouse said...

ML, are there any tricks you can do when its that cold. I saw a Chicago weatherman on Youtube, that threw a cup of hot water in the air, and it instantly turned to snow.

ML, Come to California!!!! Its been in the low 80's this week. You would love it here!!!!

Michael said...

@Mutant - that's the ONLY reason I hate cold weather.

@Marty - We did that boiling water to snow thing - it works!!!!!