Wednesday, March 04, 2009

How are you healthy?

Lifelube has just started a new campaign and they're asking gay men "How are you healhty?"

Jim Pickett was so kind to ask for my input so I wrote a few little paragraphs for them.

Check it out here


jim de lifelube said...

I really appreciate you taking part in this Michael. In addition to these blog posts - which are open to anyone who wants to participate - there are ads going up all over - in all the gay press, online, CTA Red Line trains, backs of CTA buses, and posters. We hope people will take a moment to consider all the ways in which they keep themselves healthy. And we hope many of those ideas will be shared on the LifeLube blog!


Ice John's World said...
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Ice John's World said...

I think you are right about walking as a good execrise. I guess most of people live in Chicago do walk a lot since it is hard to drive around and find parking place.