Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just a few more days

I'm sorry that I've been absent from my blog for so long, I feel as though I've neglected you by twittering and updating Facebook instead of here....but I've been busy darn it.

I had been hoping that Winter would be a nice, calm and restful season - but it wasn't - in fact it was way busier than I had anticipated or wanted it to be.

I've been busy writing for The Examiner and my weekly column for ChicagoPride and it consumed more of my time than I had thought it would - but good things have come of it and hopefully some things will change soon. You'll be the first to know when good news comes around the corner.

I've also been busy planning a vacation....a big vacation in fact - to Amsterdam - to celebrate my 40th birthday. About 18 months ago my best friend said "Why don't we go to Amsterdam for your 40th?" and that's all it took to put the wheels in motion. Since that time we've been planning this huge trip, booking a houseboat, coordinating travel schedules and activities and keeping everyone up to date on what's happening.

We leave on Thursday for 10 glorious days in Amsterdam. There are 8 of us flying from the US and planning to meet up with several blogger friends (which I'm excited about) as well as hosting a "meetup" for fans of the Feast of Fun show that I've had the privilege and honor to be a part of. We've been planning museum jaunts and day trips and what food we'll need while we're on the boat.

Keep tuned in because I'll be posting photos and videos from our trip!


Marty Mouse said...

Have fun ML! Can't wait to see pictures and videos. Ooo... you mentioned there were going to be surprises. Any hints?

gomad.ch said...

Why do you have to go to Europe when I'm in the Americas? Nevertheless, I'd waved when we were flying over Chicago.