Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Price Relief?

The local grocery store is heavily advertising their current promotion "The Big Relief" price cut promotion.

They're trying to show their "corporate goodwill" by saying "Hey, we're here to help you by cutting prices up to 20%" but really what are they saying?

Grocery prices have been creeping ever so slightly over the last few years, either by actual price increases or corporations downsizing their product (grocery shrink ray) and charging the same amount - thusly inducing a price hike.

I was wondering how long it was going to take for the grocery stores and food producers were going to cave in, they've been charging more and more while using the same excuse that "well gas is high so everything else is more expensive" well gas has been down to around $2.10 a gallon for quite some time - down from the drastic $4.00+ we saw (and yes I know I shouldn't bitch because our European brothers and sister pay WAY more for gas than we do - it's just that, well "that's what we're used to, it's not our fault"). Regardless, I think it's funny that they're pushing that "they're the good guys"

Really, I take it as "Hey, we've been f*cking you around for the past few years by raising prices on the backs of lame excuses so we're gonna give you a break now. So come on back to us, because we're gonna screw you less than the other guy does"

I love it that the Grocery Store has my back : -)

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