Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson is dead, I smell a conspiracy!

Holy Crap - I can't believe that Michael Jackson is dead! I am seriously shocked and surprised, he wasn't even on the radar at all and then suddenly this, along with Farrah earlier today and Ed McMahon on Tuesday.

Well they say it comes in threes doesn't it?

It's now only been a few hours - perhaps two - since he went to the hospital and an even shorter period of time since it was announced he was dead....but ABC had a very long and intricate opening piece about Michael you think they were tipped off?

I smell a conspiracy.....wouldn't it be funny if he weren't dead at all...instead he's had so much plastic surgery that he's completely become a different person.

I know where he is......he's on the same island those people from the Air France flight are on!


~Just me again~ said...

You know you're right. Even on So You think You can Dance, they had a whole blurb on it, and it was on live tonight.

He's probably partying with Elvis or something. lol

Martymouse said...

Awe... lol
He will be missed. My fab MJ moment is when he went to this Las Vegas antique store and was just buying everyhing in sight. That was crazy.

The Shape said...

I agree - it's a publicity stunt...for those 50 concerts he was going to do in will turn out to be a real life Thriller...not a fan myself...but it's sad there will be no more Michael Jackson antics.