Thursday, July 09, 2009

Has Michael Jackson 'Beat it'? Where is his body?

Something is definitely going on with Michael Jackson's body - no one knows where it is?

E! Online is now reporting that only the family knows where Michael's body is. They know he's not at Forest Lawn where the service was held, and he's most definitely not at Staples Center where almost 20,000 people said goodbye to him, he's not at Neverland....but where is he?

No one knows.

We do know that the city spent almost $1.5M to pull off the recent memorial service held at the Staples Center. They're saying 31MM people watched the televised memorial, only 2MM less than when Princess Diana died. Everyone saw his casket at the Staples Center, but since then it's been hush hush about where it is.

E! News talked with a Health Registrar, who asked if anyone knew where Jackson's body was and he replied by saying "Are we going to police it as a county to make sure he doesn't leave there? You know how entertainment goes," remarked Hill.

What does that mean exactly? You know how entertainment goes? Sounds fishy to me!

They they go on to talk with a funeral director who claims that his body is being "held."

What does that mean exactly? Apparently a body can be kept indefinitely as long as it is under the proper storage conditions....which don't even necessarily need to be at a funeral home. As long as it's a suitable storage condition.....

Someone even said he was gonna be plastinated.

So where exactly IS Michael Jackson's body? Anyone smell conspiracy?

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