Monday, July 06, 2009

Will Michael Jackson become the next Evita Peron?

No one wants to believe me, but I just have a feeling that Michael Jackson is going to become this generations Evita Peron! Seriously!!!

The whole media circus surrounding his death has been overwhelming it feels like he's been dead for months when in reality it's been less than 2 weeks.

There's the drama with the kids, with the ex-wife, with the estate, with the family there's just drama drama drama everywhere! And everyone seems to be hungry for money, for someone who had such financial drama during his lifetime - it continues after his death! Everyone wants a slice of the money.

LA wants money to cover the cost of the police coverage for the funeral, the record producers want a slice of the songs, the concert promoters want to salvage as much money as they can. Everyone wants a piece of the pie!

I have a feeling that MJ is gonna make more money dead than he ever did alive....and he's gonna go back on tour! It's a conspiracy I tell ya...a conspiracy!

Imagine it, MJ's body is going to tour the world and people will pay money to see his preserved body - just like Evita Peron....only I don't think they charged to see Evita.

Think about it, the concert promoters have already asked ticket holders of his sold out 50 concerts to exchange the cost of their tickets for a souvenir ticket...and people are doing it! Think about it, they'll have a ticket to a concert that never happened and it will be a collectors item....and the concert promoters get to keep the money.....tricky : -)

I betcha......I just betcha......MJ coming to a city near you - very soon!!!!!


~Just me again~ said...

It's sad, everyone's worth more dead than alive. But the whole MJ thing is crazy. I feel for those poor kids.

Marty Mouse said...

I think your onto something there ML. Could you imagine if MJ volunteered his body to the Body Worlds? Eeek.
Anyways, he meant so much to everyone around the world We'll miss you Michael Jackson!

I work in Glendale, about 2 miles from Forrest Lawn where he will be burried tomorrow. Traffic should be really crazy.

Michael said...

@Just Me - you're right it is sad that he's worth more dead than alive.

Michael said...

@Marty - have they officially announced where he's going to be buried. It seems to be a toss up between Neverland and Forest Lawn,

I bet it will take a while to decide where he finally goes.

Perhaps he'll spend summers in Forrest Lawn and winters at Neverland....hmmmmm. said...

Michael, did you already start writing the musical "Michael"?

Marty Mouse said...

ML, you are too funny! Who knows, maybe there might be multiple faux burials, to throw off the press.

We did get a notice from my workplace that its going to be at Forrest Lawn, since we will be impacted by the traffic. We'll see tomorrow.

Hey, whats this about Michael the musical? Is Rosie producing it?

Michael said...

@Gomad - I was waiting for you to begin, I've been working on my dance routine!

Michael said...

@Marty - this morning on the news they were saying that the family was going to have a private ceremony at Forest Lawn BEFORE the event at the Staples Center....but why have a ceremony at a cemetery if you're then going to move the body to the Staples Center.

I bet there's some clause that says the body has to be in the ground - so they're gonna lower his body in the ground, pull it back up and immediately go on tour!