Friday, August 28, 2009

Set your status to stun! I'm on the Feast of Fun!

Oh I'm so excited, I got the call last night that made the whole week worthwhile - it was from my friend Fausto asking if I was free to tape an episode of their award winning podcast - the Feast of Fun!

Well you know I just dropped everything I was doing, put my pants on and ran over to their home studio where we sat for an hour and talked about the most outrageous things ever.

Listen to the podcast

Those technological wizards have made it even easier to comment on the show now - you can do it via Twitter. Yep, that's right - all you do is send your comment via Twitter and include #FOF1047 and your comment will automagically appear on the show - how fantastic is that.

I expect to see a lot of comments from you now!!!!

And don't forget to subscribe via iTunes so that you can get the Feast of Fun 5 days a week!

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