Monday, September 14, 2009

Ukraine says Elton John is too old and too gay to adopt!

So in the news today was a story about how Elton John was going to adopt a Ukrainian baby that he met while touring a hospital for HIV+ children.

Apparently in the past he had said that he never wanted children, yada yada yada but after meeting this 14-month old baby he suddenly changed his mind and went all maternal. That was all the hubub late Sunday night and early into Monday morning....well that and Kanye is still an asshole and Serena Williams royally cussed out a cute little line guard.

But then around 11:45 this morning all hell broke loose when the Associated Press announced that the Ukrainian Family, Youth and Sports Minister said that Elton did not qualify to adopt because he was too old and WAY too gay! Apparently the Minister had seen Tommy and never forgave Elton.

Seriously though, the Ukraine has a law that says adopted parents must be within 45 years of the adoptee and Elton is 62, which means that instead he qualifies to adopt a 17 year old.....

What I find funny though is that the Minister that denied Elton was from the Family, Youth and Sports division of the what this guy is responsible for families, kids and the softball and bowling leagues?

He also said that Elton was way too gay because the Ukraine requires adopted parents to be married - and even though Elton married his partner David Furnish in 2005 - the Ukraine doesn't recognize same-sex marriage as a "real marriage" and are thus denying them the baby of their dreams.

But it raises a few questions though....did Elton really think the whole thing through or just thought that he was like Madonna and could adopt any little baby he wanted? Did he really think about the consequences of adopting a baby? The impact on his lifestyle? Or did he just say "Oh look, there's a baby, I want it." Sorta reminds me of an Edina Monsoon when she adopted that Romanian Baby.....hey Romania isn't that far from the Ukraine is it? They're just separated by Moldova - perhaps he just got his countries mixed up and thought he was on a TV show. Seriously though, how can you just throw out there that "oh I want to adopt a baby" it's not like "oh I want a blue car."

Personally, I don't get the whole 'gay men adopting babies' men are too narcissistic to have children.....that's why we're gay to start with....well that and we like to have sex with men!

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