Friday, October 30, 2009

Wow just saw three REALLY convincing hookers...I think they were dressed up for Halloween
Overstreet traffic signals r out @ thorndale & ardmore. someone ran into the signal box
Major accident @ thorndale & broadway
QOTD: BOO!! What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

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Whoope! Just renewed @broadwaychicago season tickets! Great season coming up, I'm excited!
Note to self: dont trust a taxi driver who says 'I dont know where that is but I can find it'
I am appalled that there is NOT a Cinnabon @ CLE but #andibdparty was fabulous

The Secrets of Isis - through the eyes of a 40 year old!

I love Netflix, I really do. We got rid of cable last year and instead signed up for Netflix. I've never been a big "renter" instead I've always been a buyer instead, my collection is just north of 500 DVD's right now. But I do love me some Netflix.

I've been watching all sorts of stuff....some Bob Newhart, some David Lynch, a few Alfred Hitchcocks, some Star Trek and everything in between. Whenever someone mentions a movie I'll make a note and add it to my queue so I can catch it and see what all the fuss was about. I also like that you can follow a star or director throughout their career.....A friend of mine has the "Bette Davis" and "Joan Crawford" queues and other friends have an Academy Awards Queue. Every Oscar season they'll choose a year and watch all of the Oscar winners of that year as a preface to the Awards Ceremony.

I've been trying to relive my youth lately by watching TV programs that I should have watched when I was a kid but didn't.

I just got Secrets of's so much fun to watch early 70's TV, especially programming like this. It's campy, it's unintentionally funny and it makes you wonder exactly what you were thinking when you were watching it and you were so in love with these programs.

Here's what I took away from watching the first disc of Isis.

She was so condescending...always looking down on people and she had that smirk on her face while she was capturing people. Hell at least Wonder Woman was serious about her job.

Why the fuck doesn't her skirt move? EVER!!!

Why does Isis always tell Cindy that she should 'listen to your inner voice' Is she intentionally trying to drive Cindy crazy? Isis is not a good child psychologist.

Interesting how Cindy was usually absent just enough that people thought that she might be Isis and yet they never thought that Andrea could be here.

What is up with that freaking rhyming all the time. Did her powers only work if she spoke in iambic parameter?

Ever notice that when she flies her hair doesn't move?

Why was people getting "stuck" a common means of incapaciting people, first it was a log then a rock.

OMG - seriously that was just a guy in a big bear suit, guess they didn't have a huge special effects budget.

WTF was that limb doing in the middle of a the side of a "cliff" covered with huge rocks - oh yeah that's right, it's pinning that kids leg down and trapping him.

Wow, that is a young Scott Baio.

I think Brian Cutler is the reason that I like guys with mustaches...well him and Magnum P.I.

I love how they so subtly set up the plot by just barely freaking out poor Cindy - no wonder she heard voices in her head!

So what was your favorite TV program from when you were a kid? Have you watched it again as an adult?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Where in the world is @whatsaboytodo, wanna guess?
Women who wear bump-its scare me. Men who wear them scare me more!
There is ONE good thing about long security lines @ the airport-u have extra time to stare @ the cute boys
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I'm turning off my Twitter Feed

I apologize for leaving it on so long, but I'm turning off my Twitter updates coming over as posts.

I am using a great site PING.FM to help get my phone posts out to Twitter and Facebook and a bunch of other places, including this blog.

I'm sorry that I don't update here as much - and although it looks like I do, I realized that it was just a bunch of Twitter.....which you could easily follow on.......uhm.....Twitter!

So I updated the Twitter Badge on the right column and moved it up a bit, so you can follow me over there....and I've turned OFF the PING.FM updates to the blog.

And I promise to write more......I promise!
QOTD: Is it cellophane, plastic wrap or saran wrap?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Did Facebook get hacked?

Why is Facebook telling me, on my Wall page that they need my email address.

This greeted me this evening when I was checking my page. It really makes me wonder what's going on with Facebook lately? It has really been acting up, not loading pages, giving multiple errors while attempting to comment on a post or just giving blank pages with an error "your account is unavailable."

I'm really starting to lose interest in Facebook since it's become so unreliable lately. Now that they're asking me for an email address when I know darn well that I sort of had to use an email address to get an account it makes me even more uncomfortable - almost makes me think they got hacked - because I'm very responsible in my app loading and don't click on just everything that comes my way.

What's going on Facebook? You were a lot of fun, but now you're just like that clunker that I tried to turn in for cash a few months back - just waiting to fall apart.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

So much for leaving Vegas in style...some guy just puked in the limo
How random, while checking out ran into folks from Bloomsburg University, thats near where I grew up

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This new Eclipse Breeze Exotic Berry gum w/ cardamom makes my mouth tingle, in a very odd way, how about u?
Getting ready to tape a show w/ @feastoffun at #bwe09
Listening to Dr Green, Punky Brewster & Janet Jacksons ex-hubby @ Blogworld #bwe09
I don't care what Oprah says....Acai Juice is NOT that tasty and its gritty.

Friday, October 16, 2009

now we're off to the @blubrry party...just had my pic taken w/ mini Elvis
The @chicagonow 'unconference' was fabulous, now off to @technorati suite #bwe09
Holy Moly! The ATM in Vegas had a withdrawl amount of up to $2000. I was tempted but didnt push it
Geek & Nerd arent bad words at blogworld but gay seems to be :( Come out come out wherever u r
QOTD: Is it true when they say 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?'

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Standing in line waiting to check in at #bwe09 its messed up?!!?
I am in Vegas! Woot! WTF, Barry Manilow has his own bottled water? That's creepy

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And where does that get you sweetie? On the train to Reno. Actually Im off to Vegas for #bew09

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

RT @chicagonow @chicagoredeye @copycatfilms @mominreallife To Wong Fu, I blame U for missing the National Equality March

Monday, October 12, 2009

'To Wong Fu' I blame U for missing the National Equality March

Over the weekend hundreds of thousands of queers activists marched in the National Equality March on Washington DC, and I was supposed to be there. For many months Join the Impact Chicago has worked on organzing a massive project to get as many Chicago LGBT activists as they could to DC for the March.

They successfully sold out 4 busses in a short period of time and even had peole on a standby list. There were many many dedicated people looking forward to being involved in a piece of history, and I was looking forward to doing the same thing.

On Saturday evening we gathered in the shadow of the Art Institute, surrounded by feet high chain link barriers that had been put in place for the next mornings marathon. We signed in, talked with friends and got our "boarding passes" for the bus. I and several of my friends grabbed boarding passes for Bus #1. We loaded on our bus, found our "spots" for the 15 hour journey ahead of us and started imagining what lay in front of us. The day we had all been waiting for so long was here. The mood on the bus was electric, people were chatting, getting to know each other, make new friends. We were ignorant of the fact that the first stop we made on our long journey would also be our last.

Unbeknownst to us, the bus was having problems from the start, it was rattling and vibrating very badly - we just thought it was the road, and a few times along the way it seemed that the engine "cut-out" but it was never anything that stopped the bus. Some on the bus twittered jokingly that perhaps we should "enjoy them."

We happily watched several episodes of Maude and her dealings with racial tensions and kids playing doctor in the 70's, we watched Hocus Pocus with the Divine Miss M who had some nasty bucktheeth and were halfway through To Wong Fu, Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar" when it was time for a food break. The last big city sign I had seen on the side of the road was for Dayton/Toledo.

When we pulled into the Wyandot Ohio Turnpike Oasis, about 4 hours outside of Chicago, we had no idea that it was going to be our last stop. Apparently the bus had much larger problems than any of us had imagined as we waved goodbye to our friends on Bus #2 as we watched load up and continue on their journey. We all assumed that we would be right behind them, but as we sat hour after hour waiting for another bus, our dreams of making it to DC became dimmer and dimmer.

Several members of Join the Impact Chicago (JTIC), many who had worked tirelessly for months to organize this event, were on the bus with us. They handled this very difficult situation with tact, grace and professionalism beyond their years. They attempted to organize multiple modes of transportation - another bus, vans, rental cars, I'm sure even a cart pulled by a goat was considered, they tried to do everything possible when you're 400 miles from home and stuck in the middle of nowhere.

While we waited we tried to keep ourselves entertained. We played Boggle, we made new friends, we caught up with old friends, we chatted about everything under the sun, read books, joined voices in song, we even playing a rousing round of "Adult Duck Duck Goose" to keep our energy and spirits up. We consoled each other and kept filling our paper cups with caffeinated carbonated beverages from the self-serve fountains to keep us awake, cups we had gotten with our combo meals, when we thought that we were only going to be there for enough time to inhale a burger and some fries.

Somewhere around 2AM doubt started to arrive, we knew that we still had more than a 9 hour trip ahead of us once we got on a bus and we wondered aloud if we would really make it to DC. To raise our spirits, some lovely ladies pulled out a huge banner they had been carrying with them that said Civil Marriage is a Civil Right and started to unfurl it. Someone else grabbed a sign they were making for the rally and we all huddled behind it for an impromptu rally of our own, right there in the middle of the Food Court at the Wyandot Turnpike Oasis. We hugged each other, we cried a little bit, and we shouted "What do we want? Equal rights" just once, but it was enough!

We couldn't do more than that though because the posters that we had made from photographs of Harvey Milk taken by Jerry Pritikin more than 30 years ago, banners that we were supposed to carry stretched across the street as we walked in front of the White House, flags that we were to wave as we marched to the steps of the Capital, were all "stuck" in the storage compartment of our bus. Stuck, along with our dreams of making it to DC. We did keep our spirits high though because we knew that three other buses were on their way to DC to march with hopefully hundreds of thousands of other queers and straight allies.

At 3AM, JTIC told us that we had a drop dead time of 4AM for the buses to arrive and for us to potentially arrive in DC in time to make the rally portion, if not the march. Suddenly images started to swirl in our heads of the bus flying through the hills of Pennsylvania with someone on the phone with a direct line to Cleve Jones saying "Hold the rally for us" and crowds parting like the red sea as our bus navigated the streets of DC on two wheels just in time to drop us off in front of Lady Gaga addressing the crowd. We needed those images in our heads to make us laugh instead of cry, to console ourselves from what "could have been."

Sometime later, I can't recall exactly as many of us were sleep deprived and becoming delusional from drinking so much high fructose corn syrup, we held a group meeting. In that meeting we had one decision to make - When the bus arrives, do we continue our journey or do we head back to Chicago. On the first vote it was 24 votes to return to Chicago and 22 votes to continue on our journey - too close to call, and too close to say it was one way or another. Someone from the audience spoke up and said "Ok, now that we voted, we need to discuss why we we voted as we did." Impassioned speeches flew from our mouths of why we should continue our trek - or why we should abandon our dream and instead head back to Chicago and join others at the Solidarity Rally already scheduled for later that afternoon in Daley Plaza. After a few minutes of speeches, another vote was taken. It was an almost unanimous vote that once the bus arrived we would instruct the driver to take us back to Chicago.

Around 5:15 someone came over to our table and told us to start gathering our belongings, the bus would be arriving soon. We reluctantly cleared our tables, repacked our bags and started to reassemble ourselves into the protestors we had hoped to be that day. Some of us felt that if we didn't pack up, if instead we stayed put, perhaps we could still make it to DC, that somehow the Wyandot Turnpike Oasis had become our island of hope and that if we didn't leave we could continue on to our dream of marching in the National Equality March. But we knew it was a pipe dream. We packed our bags, we cleared our mess and we said goodbye to the janitors and food workers at the Oasis and loaded our bags and weary bodies onto the bus, to only return home.

As we settled into our seats a voice from the back of the bus piped up and said "Can I suggest that we don't watch any more movies about drag queens getting stuck in the middle of nowhere?" Everyone laughed and we settled in for a long ride home.

Dreams were shattered at the Wyandot Turnpike Oasis, but our spirits were not destroyed, if anything it made us all stronger! Our next stop was the Solidarity Rally at Daley Plaza!
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

@officialkathyg never showed @ the Chicago Rally. Way to support your gays Kathy Griffin-the same ones that gave u 4 sold out shows
didnt make it to #nem cuz the bus broke down now @daley plaza hope @officialkathyg shows up
On my way to the Chicago Solidarity Rally in the same clothes, no banners, no t-shirts. But Im going. Are you?
Just got my google calendar reminder about #nem but instead Im sitting at home drinking a bloody mary w/ my bff
I see the Sears Tower...I'd rather be seeing the Washington Monument instead #nem
2 miles to Notre Dame - I wonder if we can stop and look for the Hunchback?
Elkhart, IN for a brief pit stop, only 114 miles to Chicago #nem
Headed back to Chicago #nem
Its time for Sunrise Yoga at The Wyandot OH Oasis #nem
We are not going to make it to #nem bus broke down in Ohio. Fortunately 3 other @jointheimpactil buses made it
Oh no Bus #1 from @joinimpactil on the way to #nem has broken down in Genoa Oh but we will not be stopped

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Toledo Ohio is divine #nem
The bus is in motion DC is only 14 hours away #nem
Heading off to DC for #NEM, I've turned off Twitter updates to save my phone power. I am getting DM though. Let's march together tomorrow!

Friday, October 09, 2009

About to see @officialkathyg Kathy Griffin. I hope to god shes funny.
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Thursday, October 08, 2009

The northbound Red Line train is packed with queers coming from the @officialkathyg show. we're going tomorrow night
About to experience Chronicles of the Cursed haunted house..BOOOOO!!!

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Going to make posters for @ntleqmarch w/@jointheimpactil 2morrow and need your suggestions for slogans, help me out!
OMG seriously! We just saw some chick try to pass a counterfiet $100 bill @mcdonalds WOW!
Just saw two bears with a cart full of powerade. Yippee somes getting ready to 'party' at 1030 on a Sat morning
Ugh it is truly autumn...the heat is on @target and those damn pumpkin lattes are on sale @satrbucks FUCK!!

Friday, October 02, 2009

RT @ix_chel_anna When I was little @levarburton fueled my hunger for lit & black men. "Both are healthy appetites to have."
QOTD: Will you be happy with todays 2016 announcement?
Wow, all of @ladygaga & (Kanye) concerts were cancelled. Even she couldnt save him, she should go it on her own

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Just found out that @jointheimpactil filled 3rd bus & working on 4th. Get off the fence go 2 @ntleqmarch with us!
RT @ntleqmarch Correction, Lady Gaga will join us on stage and speak at our rally but will not be performing a song. THANK GOODNESS!!
I'm a bit upset that Lady Gaga & HAIR are performing @NtlEqMarch so now it's a show & not a protest?
Lady Gaga (and Kanye West) tix go on sale for 1/16/10 concert @unitedcenter..over $500 for 2 tix...I THINK NOT!!