Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Did Facebook get hacked?

Why is Facebook telling me, on my Wall page that they need my email address.

This greeted me this evening when I was checking my page. It really makes me wonder what's going on with Facebook lately? It has really been acting up, not loading pages, giving multiple errors while attempting to comment on a post or just giving blank pages with an error "your account is unavailable."

I'm really starting to lose interest in Facebook since it's become so unreliable lately. Now that they're asking me for an email address when I know darn well that I sort of had to use an email address to get an account it makes me even more uncomfortable - almost makes me think they got hacked - because I'm very responsible in my app loading and don't click on just everything that comes my way.

What's going on Facebook? You were a lot of fun, but now you're just like that clunker that I tried to turn in for cash a few months back - just waiting to fall apart.


Anonymous said...

Just a reminder ... Facebook is totally free. You get what you pay for.

Anonymous said...