Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Secrets of Isis - through the eyes of a 40 year old!

I love Netflix, I really do. We got rid of cable last year and instead signed up for Netflix. I've never been a big "renter" instead I've always been a buyer instead, my collection is just north of 500 DVD's right now. But I do love me some Netflix.

I've been watching all sorts of stuff....some Bob Newhart, some David Lynch, a few Alfred Hitchcocks, some Star Trek and everything in between. Whenever someone mentions a movie I'll make a note and add it to my queue so I can catch it and see what all the fuss was about. I also like that you can follow a star or director throughout their career.....A friend of mine has the "Bette Davis" and "Joan Crawford" queues and other friends have an Academy Awards Queue. Every Oscar season they'll choose a year and watch all of the Oscar winners of that year as a preface to the Awards Ceremony.

I've been trying to relive my youth lately by watching TV programs that I should have watched when I was a kid but didn't.

I just got Secrets of's so much fun to watch early 70's TV, especially programming like this. It's campy, it's unintentionally funny and it makes you wonder exactly what you were thinking when you were watching it and you were so in love with these programs.

Here's what I took away from watching the first disc of Isis.

She was so condescending...always looking down on people and she had that smirk on her face while she was capturing people. Hell at least Wonder Woman was serious about her job.

Why the fuck doesn't her skirt move? EVER!!!

Why does Isis always tell Cindy that she should 'listen to your inner voice' Is she intentionally trying to drive Cindy crazy? Isis is not a good child psychologist.

Interesting how Cindy was usually absent just enough that people thought that she might be Isis and yet they never thought that Andrea could be here.

What is up with that freaking rhyming all the time. Did her powers only work if she spoke in iambic parameter?

Ever notice that when she flies her hair doesn't move?

Why was people getting "stuck" a common means of incapaciting people, first it was a log then a rock.

OMG - seriously that was just a guy in a big bear suit, guess they didn't have a huge special effects budget.

WTF was that limb doing in the middle of a the side of a "cliff" covered with huge rocks - oh yeah that's right, it's pinning that kids leg down and trapping him.

Wow, that is a young Scott Baio.

I think Brian Cutler is the reason that I like guys with mustaches...well him and Magnum P.I.

I love how they so subtly set up the plot by just barely freaking out poor Cindy - no wonder she heard voices in her head!

So what was your favorite TV program from when you were a kid? Have you watched it again as an adult?

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