Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

#traceschicago is playing through December 19 go to broadwayinchicago.com for tix
#traceschicago They totally deserve the standing ovation they received tonight
#traceschicago Six rings high, every one is on the edge of their seats
#traceschicago Tumbling so editing that the girl next to me literally shrieked
#traceschicago who are you going to vote for?
#traceschicago I swear he disappeared into the fly space above the stage!!
#traceschicago uh oh scaffolding & a see saw WOW!
#traceschicago now I know you never thought to do that with a giant hula hoop
#traceschicago choreographed skate boards to paper moon, who woulda thought
#traceschicago I'll never read a book in my lazy boy the same again after that
#traceschicago I bet you can't do that on a pole can you?
#traceschicago dancing, actobatics, video, singing & chalk
#traceschicago Who knew you could do that with a basketball?
#traceschicago lots of HOT sweaty boys
When you come to #traceschicago be sure to mug for the camera in the lobby
Getting ready to see # traceschicago at the new Broadway Playhouse