Saturday, February 25, 2012

Classic Post: My First Senior Discount

Classic Post, originally dated 4/17/08, never published

My parents are snowbirds and every year they have the chance to spend a few months in the warmth of sunny Central Florida. And if all goes well, I also get to spend some time in sunny Central Florida with them.

Earlier this year, I had the chance to go to Orlando for a tradeshow, so I combined some vacation time and spent extra time with my parents. My parents are still young and they are far from ever being retired, and where they spend their winters they're surrounded with people in the same situation.

I love hanging out with my parents, we have a great time laughing, drinking, playing games and just "hanging out." When my parents go to Florida they really go to relax because the other 9 months of the year they're working their asses off.

When I was visiting them earlier this year, it was my mothers goal to make me drink a gallon of Rum in the 6 days that I was needless to say - we have a great time when we're together.

It's funny living the "semi-retired" life as my parents have such a routine. Monday night is Bingo (Which by the way is freaking hilarious in how regimented it is.) Tuesday is concert night at Silver Springs - where they go and set up their chairs early in the afternoon so they have a good view. Wednesday is Golden Corral Night - where you can eat as much as you want - and some people spend a LOT of time in there. Thursday is Card Night at the Hall - where you take your jar of nickels and pennies and hope to come home with more than you left with. Friday night is the night though it's discount night at the Chinese Buffet - where they have actual Crab Legs on the buffet and not those declious Krab Legs.

So Friday night we hit the Chinese Buffet - well before dinner time - because dinner time in Central Florida is rush hour for the rest of the world. Everyone loves this Chinese Buffet, not just for the aforementioned Crab Legs, but because they also give a substantial Senior Discount for those diners who qualify.

As is always, when i'm with my parents, they pay the bill - it won't be any other way, it's just like when I was a kid and we'd go out to dinner. It wasn't until we were finished with our dinner and on the way out that my mother proudly proclaimed to all Seniors in attendance that "Michael got his first Senior Discount tonight" and everyone started clapping. Unbeknownst to me, when my Dad was paying (which you do before the buffet) he said "Three for the buffet" and the lady taking the money assumed that he was paying for three seniors, not just two.

So I'm proud to say that not quite 40 years old, I've received my first official Senior I'm just waiting for my AARP card to arrive.

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