Wednesday, May 16, 2012

He Pees Like A Girl

He pees like a girl, and I'm okay with that.

Deeohji is 11 months old (Yes, I know I'm one of those "parents" when I have to tell his age by months - you're lucky I'm not telling it to you by weeks or even days.....regardless) and he still hasn't figured out the way that boy dogs pee.  You know with the hiked leg on the proverbial fire hydrant.

He still squats like a girl when he pees - and I'm okay with that.  It is not my role to force a gender on my dog.  If he wants to be a boy or a girl - that is totally up to him.  For all I know, it may be a phase he's going through.  Perhaps he has to "see" another dog pee in the hiked leg position to get it?  I know he's starting to figure it out though.

The other day when we were on a walk he realized that he could smell pee on the corner of the building - without having to bend down to the ground - and he turned around, twisted his head like dogs do and said "how'd that pee get all the way up there" I told him to "figure it out" sorta the same thing I say when he wants to jump on the bed.....figure it out dude, if you want on the bed you know how to get there.

Then today when we were at the dog park he actually witnessed a dog lifting his leg to pee - and another lightbulb went off in his head, I think he may be making the connections.  I know that Darryl will be super excited the first time Deeohji lifts his leg to pee - it'll be a right of passage for him - once he does that he'll no longer be a puppy, he'll become a Dog!

Of course that day for me will be a little sad because my Puppy will never be a puppy again, he'll be one of those big oafing grown up dogs who gets his way by forcing himself in line in front of you, and I'll have lost my cute little puppy that used to love to lick my face even when I didn't want him to.

So we're not going to force a gender on Deeohji, he can do as he pleases.....maybe he'll be a girl now, then become a boy for a while and perhaps swing back over to being a girl....whatever he wants to do it's fine by us because we'll still love our little puppy regardless of what gender he is....or isn't.

Hey wait, we got him fixed so is he even technically a boy anymore or is he a eunuch?  Crap, i'm as confused as the dog is now!


Anonymous said...

Cute article Michael, my dog would lift her leg and the vet told me straight out, "Hey, she don't make fun of you when you pee!" Still think of you Michael when I see the troff aka Country Buffet ;)

Michael Lehet said...

Ok - since you posted as anonymous I don't know who this is....but there's only a few people who know about Old Country Buffet, who are you lost friend?

Anonymous said...

Did I read that correctly, The Troff was not OUR special place?! Have you taken every Juan, Miguel and Javier there?!

Michael Lehet said...

Well that REALLY narrows it down for I think I know exactly who this is.

How are you? It HAS been a long time, and yes the Troff is not the same w/o you. Have been a few times in recent history but it is not good.

I still tell the story of the "fat booth"