Friday, September 28, 2012

corn is a grass

One night while I was waiting for work to start, I started watching a documentary about Corn.

Everything was going swimmingly when all of a sudden they said something that just blew my mind.  Corn isn't a vegetable, it's a grass.

Corn is not a vegetable, it's a grass.

Of all the years of my life I never looked at corn in that way, but they're absolutely right.  If you look at a corn stalk, all it is really is a grass on steroids.

Then I sorta got freaked out.....when we're eating corn, we're really eating grass seeds.....really really big grass seeds.  Corn is just on giant blade of grass with really really big seeds.....that we eat.

I couldn't watch the rest of the documentary.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The changing of the seasons

Today surprised me.

Yesterday it was a beautiful 73 degrees and I had worn a long sleeved shirt and a light jacket because it was supposed to be a bit cooler.

Today I thought it would be a reprise of yesterday so when I left the house in short sleeves and sans jacket, I should have turned right around....but I didn't.

I sorta enjoy these quick changes in the weather, it's what I like about living North.  Shorts during the day and a light sweater at night.

Enjoy Autumn 2012, cuz if the Mayans were right this is your last one.